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Houston's Texan
All Pro Running Back

Arian Foster

How to Lead Your Team to Victory

Arian Foster is one of the most accomplished players in the NFL. In his motivating session, he is going to show you how to tackle every challenge and bust through every barrier holding you back. You'll be on the edge of your seat as he shares:

  • Principles of Stellar Performance
  • How to Have the Commitment and Passion of Champions
  • How to be Recognized and Rewarded for Your Effort
  • How to Lead so EVERYONE Succeeds
Which Include
Lunch with Speakers!
Sales & Negotiation
America's #1
Authority on Selling


How to Strengthen Your Sales& Negotiation Skills

Tom Hopkins is America's Sales Guru. In his exciting session, he will reveal the secrets to MAXIMIZING your sales potential! Tom will teach you how to prosper for a lifetime - in virtually any industry, and in ANY economy!

  • Proven Strategies to Build Rapport in 5 Minutes or Less
  • How to Overcome Objections and Close the Sale
  • 4 Power Closes that Work Every Time
  • You Can Have it All: Best Price, High Quality, and Top Service
Communication Skills
Broadcast Icon


How to Perfect Your Communication Skills

Larry King the former host of CNN's Larry King Live pioneered the first worldwide phone-in television talk show and the network's highest-rated program. Mr. King one of the most respected broadcasters in the world. In his hard-hitting session he'll show you how to bring out the best in others as you communicate better at home and on the job.

  • Five Strategies to Connect with People at Every Level
  • How to Ask the Tough Questions and Get the Answers You Need
  • Ways to Use Humor to Persuade an Audience
  • The Five Essential Elements of Powerful Presentations
  • How to Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

Due to varying broadcast responsibilities Larry King may appear live via satellite for this event.

First Woman to Win
The Apprentice

Kendra Todd

How to Achieve Your Goals

Kendra Todd was the first woman to win NBC's The Apprentice with Donald Trump and is the consummate role model for professional women. She is a real estate expert and was the host of HGTV's My House Is Worth What? Her first book Risk and Grow Rich was an instant success conveying the challenge and importance of taking risks to create wealth.

  • How to Create Business Tactics that Beat the Competition
  • How to Maximize your Team's Performance to Guarantee Success
  • The Three Keys to Winning for Women
  • Achieve Success by Empowering Others to Create Real Positive Relationships

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are so convinced you will LOVE this event that if after attending, you are not completely convinced that the skills you have learned are worth far more than the entry price, simply turn in your materials and receipt at the end of the event to an onsite representative for a full 100% money back refund – no questions asked!

Sales & Negotiation
America's Top
Sales Trainer

Les Brown

How to Strengthen Your Sales & Negotiation Skills

Les Brown is America's Sales Guru. In his exciting session he will reveal the secrets to MAXIMIZING your sales potential! Les will teach you how to prosper for a lifetime - in virtually any industry and in ANY economy!

  • 4 Power Closes that Work Every Time
  • How to Overcome Objections and Close the Sale
  • Proven Strategies to Build Rapport in 5 Minutes
  • Your Can Have it All: Best Price High Quality and Top Services
Which Include
Lunch with Speakers!
Legendary President
of Microsoft


How to Manage Lead and Succeed

Rick Belluzzo is the legendary President and Chief Operating Officer for Microsoft. He produced STAGGERING profits while at Microsoft and during his session he'll show you how to do the same! Rick will show you the key management and business strategies necessary to deliever AMAZING results for you and your company!

  • Increase Profits Even in the Toughest Economy
  • Ways to Manage People and Process for Top Performance
  • How to Get to the Top while Pulling Others Up Along the Way
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Business Skills
Star of ABC's
Shark Tank

Daymond John

How to Get Everything you Need PLUS Everything you Want

Daymond John came from very humble beginnings and quickly climbed to a multi-millionaire success across multiple industries. With a starring role on ABC's Shark Tank, he is living the American Dream. In his inspiring session, he'll show you how to overcome obstacles and achieve success at the highest levels.

  • How to get in the Waters and Swim with the Sharks
  • How to Negotiate with the Big Boys
  • Strategies to Get Ahead of the Pack
  • How to Get Successful and STAY Successful

Win Huge Door Prizes!

    • iPhone!
    • iPad!
    • Big Screen TV!
    • Disney World Vacation!
    • Cash Prizes!
World's Top Internet Entrepreneur

Tyler Winklevoss

How to Make Money Using Social Media

If it wasn't for Tyler Winklevoss, we wouldn't have Facebook. Tyler created the platform for the world's most popular mega social media force that has almost one billion members. In his fascinating presentation, Tyler will share his top secrets for how to profit from the world's newest and most effective sales and marketing platform, Social Media.

  • How to Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Top Reasons Social Media Does NOT Work and How to Avoid Mistakes
  • How to Make Social Media Work For You - Now
  • Essential Strategies You Must Know to Build a Loyal Customer Base
  • Ways to Massively Improve Traffic and Lead Generation


“Expect to be pumped up and inspired.”
–Cathy Morin

“What do you have to loose? What do you have to gain? You won’t know until you go.”
–BeBe Chudeusz

“Well worth it”
–Elizabeth Vinera

“Looking for answers? This is the place.”
–Raymond Hangerer